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A man with a big imagination, Flip Pallot set out to change his life when he quit his banking job and launched a fishing guide career. Little did he know, he was about to shape the future of the outdoor sports world just by heeding the call of the wild.

Billfish on fly? Before you were born. Tarpon caught? Stopped keeping track in ’72. IGFA Hall of Fame? Check. World records? Many — starting before there even was an IGFA. Turkeys with a longbow? 48, and the beards hang from his rearview mirror. Fly reels? He helped design the first Tibor with a cork drag, which has more world records than any other reel and remains a giant killer. Rods? Sage, Loomis, TFO: he has helped them all. He’s a founding member of Bonefish Tarpon Trust and the predecessor to CCA. He was a conservationist before conservation was cool. Heard of flat boats? You’re looking at the founder of Hells Bay and a pioneer of the idea and need for this type of craft. He still jumps up on the platform easier than most guides half his age and his efficiency on the pole is second to none.

The list of firsts and accomplishments is staggering and cannot be replicated today. He is a renegade and trendsetter in almost every aspect of the saltwater fly angler.

Simply put, Flip Pallot is the man. One of the world’s great outdoorsmen, both a hunter and an angler. If you consider yourself any of these things, well, then you probably already know that. And if not, you need to take note when this guy opens his mouth. From bluegill to billfish, hogs to moose, bow to rifle, airboats to flats boats, Alaska to Argentina, Bahamas to Bermuda — he has been there, done that across the globe and then some. He’s the total package, and I relish my time in the skiff with him. No one has pushed my angling development the way Flip has, and I am one of many who consider Flip a teacher.

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Through a lifetime spent outdoors doing what he loves, he is full of stories and adventures. Some of them are so far-fetched you think they've gotta be made up until someone else who was there shares the same story again and again. He has inspired a generation of anglers with decades' worth of television, books, and countless articles, shows and casting instruction, clients he’s guided and all of the anglers and guides he has mentored and taught along the way. You would be hard-pressed to find a guide in Florida who Flip hasn’t touched in some way. In my travels, it’s hard to find somewhere Flip hasn’t been first and left his mark.

I once asked him if there was anywhere he hadn’t been or any fish he hasn’t caught that he would like to. He paused, reflected, and searched, but couldn’t come up with anything. He might be the only person on the planet who has done it all, and I can only hope to answer the same one day.

He has touched and impassioned an entire industry. From myself to everyone here at YETI, Flip is who we all aspire to be. Authentic and true.



The commonalities between being a banker and a fisherman are very similar to the commonalities between a cobra and a mongoose.