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The Midnight Hour

The Midnight Hour is a never-before-seen look into the places, the people, and the detours that shaped an iconic group of musicians. Featuring Jack Johnson, Margo Price, and Terry Allen –the series is hosted by Academy and Grammy award-winning songwriter Ryan Bingham. Our three-part series explores each artist’s path and gives an intimate look into the truth behind their music and art.
Midnight Hour

The Midnight Hour Episode 1: Jack Johnson

The Midnight Hour: Jack Johnson

Neither man set out to be a songwriter. Jack could have made it in surfing, and Ryan as a bull rider. In this episode, they find a likeness and a naturalness in one another’s music and the identity searching that lead to their sound.

The Midnight Hour Episode 2: Margo Price

The Midnight Hour: Margo Price

For both Ryan and Margo, their songwriting is an outlet for working through the darkness in their lives. In this episode, Margo takes us on her journey through dead-end jobs, honest feedback, playing shows for nobody, and record execs with “enough women” on their label.

The Midnight Hour Episode 3: Terry Allen

The Midnight Hour: Terry Allen

There’s a kinship between Ryan and Terry fostered by their shared geography, ideals, and the characteristic of being unafraid to be themselves. Ryan and Terry reunite, talking about and playing the songs that tell their truth.