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Soul of a City

Texan artist Evan Voyles is shining a light on Austin’s creative history.
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It’s impossible to deny the allure of Austin's South Congress Avenue. The street, which frames the dignified Texas State Capitol building, has had a mixed history of commerce, nightlife, and housing some of the city’s less savory drinking establishments. But it’s in the crosshairs of this eclectic avenue that signmaker and neon artist Evan Voyles shines.

If Austin staked its reputation on being weird, it’s characters like Voyles who help keep it that way. Voyles has lit up some of the city’s most notable landmarks, from the Hotel San Jose to the original Alamo Drafthouse movie theater. YETI Flagship is proud to brandish a Voyles piece of our own, the signature tarpon-riding cowboy, which stands among the many neon pieces that make South Austin almost a de facto museum for his art.

And while his work can speak for itself, it’s much more fun to let Voyles do the talking — a rugged mix between cowboy and artist, his unique vision for the city is as electric as it is timeless. Take a look at Austin’s neon master in Soul of a City.